The Waterco Micron Filters are constructed from a blow moulded inner shell of fibreglass reinforced polyester resin wound with fibreglass filament. 
Micron fiberglass filters operate on the basis of "depth filtration". Dirt is driven through the media bed and trapped in minute spaces between the particles of media. Cleansing the filter simply requires turning the filter's Multiport lever from the "filter" position to the "backwash" position, which reverses the flow of water in the filter, flushing the filter bed.


10 year full tank warranty. 

1.5" Multiport Valve connections.

S500 Top Mount Filter - Max pool size 28m³ 
S700 Top Mount Filter - Max Pool Size 56m³


Flow rates based at 10m Head:

Micron 500mm - 7.2m3/hr 
Micron 700mm - 14.4m3/hr

Waterco Micron Top Mount Sand Filter

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